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living room“It’s a designer’s dream to design their own home in a style reflective of their own aesthetic. Over the last year, I have been lucky enough to actualize this dream. It all started with hiring the right architect. I was drawn to Gretchen Wagner’s sensibility and womanly approach to architecture. One of my favorite things she did was a 10 page questionnaire that my husband and I filled out which detailed our lifestyle, needs and wants. How could you possibly design a home for someone without that information, right?

Then, I had to narrow in on builders. There are many I love to work with but I had to be sensitive to their availability and willingness to give me a trade deal. Lee Gilman builders was up for the task when John Lee said, “No one else will be building your house, Jen.” They put Mike Pfau on the job as foreman and not only did I love working with him, but we also became friends through the process. They hired subs that I work with frequently so it had family vibe over there. My girls made treats and gifts for the usual suspects and we did job site walkthroughs every night with our after work cocktails in hand.

Ben Young Landscape Architecture and project manager, Ashley Boand, dialed out the exterior spaces in a modern, intimate way. They added a recessed fire pit, outdoor lighting, poured concrete monuments, custom concrete slab pavers, gravel walkways and natural grasses to keep with the clean feel.

The look is a minimal barn. A little old, a lot new, some timeless tricks, JHID signatures and major functionality! I am pretty sure I wouldn’t change one thing about it. My family is about as excited as I am and as we approach the most gracious holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for.”

Many thanks to the following trade partners:

Gretchen Wagner, AIA
Lee Gilman Builders
Ben Young, Ashley Boand of BYLA
Archive Decorative Finishing, Robert DelSignore
Beaches Woodcrafts
Nate Galpin & Joh Kaiser, Isotope
Jerrad Inlow, Elements Concrete
Doug at Henderson Corporation
Stromberg Moore
Idaho Custom Plumbing
Tom Liston & American Clay
Andrus Electric
George Paddi
Rocky Mountain Hardware
Sub-Zero/Wolf & Fisher Appliance
Lori Robinson/ Elements Lighting
Valley Door
Elisa Tobia
European Marble & Granite
Glass Masters
Amy Davie at Ferguson
And, all my ladies over at JHID: Abbey, Jen, Massey, Izze and Karen


With Love & Gratitude,